About Us

  • The Basics, because everyone is a beginner at some point

  • Mindfulness interweaved throughout all classes

  • Functional movements for all stages of life

  • Attainable Growth in the Present Moment

  • Movement for All Bodies and Everybody w/ Support from the Self

  • Embody Yoga, Pilates, & Low-Impact Group Fitness

Life challenges us daily we want you to move with ease and grace to the next step!!!!

Mindful Movement should be affordable, diverse and accessible to everyone,  we want to share with you how you can be mindful and move within your community creating a foundation that fosters growth through all stages of life on and off the mat!!

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Yoga by the Sea
Women Stretching
Aerobics Class
Yoga Class
Girls Doing Push Ups
Pilates Stretches

Breathe Mindfully


From Start to Finish we must Breathe:

  • To connect to Self

  • To Feel & Determine the Present

  • To Gauge when to Go, Stay, and Rest

  • It's current moves us


Directly Reflects Life when off Mat:

  • Discern what movement you need

  • WE, US, Together energize and create our own life

  • Listening & Serving Community

  • Inspire Others & Honor our own Aspirations


Try Everything:

  • There's no one movement that fits all bodies

  • Get Stronger by Enjoying the moves you make

  • Low Impact Functional  moves keep you fit for life

  • Play and Experience


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