Simply the best ...kept secret...

Cotton socks and heel cream are simple the best kept secret by far... It speaks intention and preparation like nothing else because you're literally preparing the night before to have your best feet forward the next...

I've shared a photo of my fav foot cream, and two pairs of socks that I have recently knit...

Here are the deets

Size 5 Circular Needle

DK (the stripped version from Michaels) or Worsted (Juniper Farm Neve) Cotton Yarn

S(M, L)

Cast on Top Down 40(44,48) its using your fav cast on mine is the German Twisted

K2,P2 12 to 15 rnds depending on your desired cuff length

Knit in the round for desired Leg Length

Place Desired Heel (I have used the tradish Heel Flap Method, but you could substitute afterthought, fish kiss, anything)

Knit in the round for desired sole of Foot Length

Start Toe (I have shared mine below, but you could sub with any)

Start Decreases on both Needles from BOR:

RND 1:

Needle 1

K1, SSK, Knit to 3sts before end of needle, K2tog, K1

Needle 2

K1, SSK, Knit to 3sts before end of needle, K2tog, K1

RND 2:

Knit entire round

Repeat decrease until you have a toe shape you desire

Kitchener, Weave in all ends, soak, block (i usually hang them to dry over a hanger ) and wear!!!

A Couple of Finally Notes.....

These are bedtime socks, not wear around the house all the time socks, due to the fact that the heel and toe portions have not been reinforced with a stronger material. Should you like to reinforce them you can carry a piece of thread, yep the kind you sew with because chances are that's polyester, along with your yarn when you knit the heel and toes! Or you can use Lace weight Silk yarn as a natural fiber option!!

Also I bowl wash even the knits that I make with SW (superwash yarn) because it gives them longevity, these too have been bowl washed with wool wash but I'm sure you could use draft baby wash or even Dawn diluted! These are not really a fancy knit item where you have to take extra precaution and well if you shrink them you'll have this recipe here to make a new pair!!

Here's to your first hand made item or the gazzilionth, thank you for sharing in my journey to make with what we have on hand!!

I can be found on IG at @falcon_moss_makes if you have questions or want to share your socks!!!

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