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What to Knit over the next month...

So are you a Knitter? Maybe a Crocheter? Do you have a go to project? Is it based off of your favorite weight of yarn or favorite needle/hook size to work with?

I love working with Fingering and DK and Worsted weight yarns! Yeah my fellow humxns, welcome to the perks of living in Cali! What's interesting is my needle size favs are 4-6, and nope it doesn't matter what weight~

Bet your wondering what about Crochet, well a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away... okay Reece is only 17 and Twig, whom is 14 has had me do a crocheted poncho and hand warmers in the last 5 years...

I love this craft because there are so many different options, all off my Swatches and Test Samples and mini projects are a direct manifestation of my creativity and the spark of joy created in the moment.

what do I look forward to knitting next? Well I'm working on some Pride Related Projects, but a crocheted Market bag using cotton! I think this would be great for spring!!

I may put some cotton wash clothes up for sale and a few other items, check back soon!!

Keep crafting the resistance and sovereignty we need!!

Falcón Moss

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