As a Two Spirit Queer multiethnic person, it was important that representation is present in all my multidisciplinary forms. United States colonialism terms my child’s and I´s existence as Trans and while that doesn’t do justice for the spectrum of lived Trans experiences, I felt called to shed light on the Multifaceted nature of our often-neglected Black/Brown Trans Kin within this populous who experience a far greater lack of access and resources, those same folxs are murdered at higher rates yearly. With this project I got to merge lots of symbolism such as staples for our Black ancestry- the Okra, supporting Mutual Aid in terms of Food Insecurity and Mental Health Services, and supporting a Black LGTBQ+ Indie Dyer.


Why Okra? Okra is a vegetable that sustained an enslaved race. That history typifies southern cuisine — it’s one born of conflict and subjugation. Yet perhaps because of this dark history, okra forms the foundation of southern comfort food. Much of our food today came from conflicted spaces and subjugated people – recognizing these histories helps deepen the connection between people and their food. I included a motif modeled off Okra for the rest of the colorwork portion of the Cowl. This pays homage to the Mutual Aid and Work that The OKRA Project has been doing for quite some time locally and abroad. I most recently was impacted by their work in regard to Direct Chef Service, where they are hiring Black Trans Chefs to prepare nutritious and Culturally specific meals that are then delivered to other Black Tans people experiencing food insecurity in light of Covid and CDC Restrictions. They are also actively seeking mutual aid for Mental Health Recovery Funds for their initiative which provides one-time free therapy to Black Trans People. More information can be found at

In terms of Supporting Black Business, I have chosen to feature @iamfullyspun for this project. Brooke, whom is the indie dyer behind Fully Spun, is a part of the LGTBQ+ community who recently created a PRIDE collection with a Trans Pride and POC Inclusivity Pride colorways among others which are featured in this project. It was also important to have a pattern in which we could swap out which ever Pride Collection Colorway you wanted to use and have something to wear for PRIDE all year due to this pattern’s options. More information can be found at




  • 4 * 100g skein Fingering Weight yarn Long Loop
    • 2 Fully Spun Colorway Loyal Pup (MC)
    • 1 Fully Spun Colorway Trans Pride (CC1)
    • 1 Fully Spun Colorway POC Inclusive Pride (CC2)
  • 32 or 40 in size 4 Circular needles
  • Finished Measurement Blocked:
    • Width: 7in/17. 78cm Long Loop
    • Length: 33 1/2in/85.09cm Long Loop
  • Stitch Markers (to aid with counting)
  • Yarn needle to weave in ends
  • Scissors

Black Trans Lives Matter


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