***40% of each individual Pattern Sale is being Donated Quarterly for the Lifetime of this Pattern to Meals on Wheels of America***



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***40% of each individual Pattern Sale is being Donated Quarterly for the Lifetime of this Pattern***



I started this shawl while walking the floor of my first Stitches West 2020 as a Movement teacher.  This is a movement, knitting, sharing ideas, shifting ideas, letting our ideas take shape.  I combined some of my favorite movements into one shawl, things I needed to practice balanced with things I liked doing, things that made me feel confident.  Then I repeated it over and over because well its practice and practicing will allow us to Move more gracefully.  I like to think that this finished object signifies grace and confidence amidst foreign terrain, hence the Terra-cotta Seascape- literally the ground below our feet and the sky above.  


This shawl is knit flat from one corner in a triangle shape, it is intended not be blocked as I wear the item unblocked to allow the curling of the ends when worn to stay, sorta like the coils in my hair.  I am sure at some point I will hand-wash it, and let it dry naturally on the ground or top of car.


Gauge is worked from the Garter Stitch, but it's a shawl there is wiggle room, just know that your yarn usage would shift.  If you wanted to make the article longer to use most of the yarn I would suggest adding more striping to the middle section, repeating more Eyelet panel or Cross Over panel rows would consumer more yarn.  All of these modifications would also change row count which has been given at the end of the rows.




-    100g skein Fingering Weight yarn for MC

-    Mitchells Fiber Arts OOAK (The Terracotta) 

-    75% Merino/25% Nylon Lagniappe Sock Base

(Uses Approx: 370 -380 yards)


-    100g skein Fingering Weight yarn for CC

-    Mitchells Fiber Arts Oh Marie! (Teal Blue speckled)

-    75% Merino/25% Nylon Lagniappe Sock Base

(Uses Approx: 370 -380 yards)


-    40 in size 6 Circular


-    Stitch Markers (to aid with counting)

-    Yarn needle to weave in ends

-    Scissors

The Terracotta Seascape Shawl


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